Design Your Own Guitar

This is a our only one day course, for people who want to learn more about the theory of guitar construction, or have a go at designing the guitar of their dreams.

You WILL NOT make a guitar but will take away a full scale design drawing of the guitar of your choice, which could be used as a plan for a home build

This course is for anyone interested in guitars - an introduction to the stages of guitar construction, and an opportunity to understand the theory through the creation of a drawing.

The course includes a tour of the Bailey Workshop, and intros to wood, materials, parts and tools. A stand alone experience or a taster session for other courses / Khome building

There will be a maximum of six people on people on this course.

By the end of the course you will:

  • understand better how a guitar is constructed and built
  • have completed a full scale drawing of a guitar of your choice
  • have had your guitar building questions answered
  • have a drawing, & notes to take away
  • be aware of key Health and Safety issues
  • have an overview of issues to consider if building at home

Course outline

  • 9:30 Arrivals and Coffee (mid afternoon start)
  • 9:45 Intros & Health & Safety
    • An overview of guitar building
    • Workspaces & Tools
  • 11:00 Drawings and Design
    • First stages
    • Wood Room
    • Construction
    • Parts & assembly
  • 3:00 Finishing
    • Spray room and other techniques
  • 4:00 Course ends

(Places are available with or without overnight accommodation, but all daytime refreshments are provided. There will be two timescale options – one whole day or two sessions: pm and am the next day)